A Multi-Generational Investment



This Collection Includes:

One - Treasury Edition Family Legacy Book 

Two  - Legacy Letters

One  - Children's Book of Your Family History

One - Personalized Family Trivia Game

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Treasury Edition

~ Preserving Your Complete Family History


The Treasury Edition Family Legacy Book captures your complete known family history.  This customized package includes interviews with pre-specified family members, a review of information you already have on hand (family trees, letters, journals, photo albums, etc), all of the content writing, up to three revisions, professional editing, as well as, a premier layout for a 250-300 page book, with up to 200 scanned photos.  These heirloom books are published using high-quality materials and archival printing and binding techniques. 



Abridged Edition

~ Capturing the Highlights of Your Family History or the Life of an Individual


The Abridged Edition Family Legacy Book captures the highlights of your family.  This personalized package includes interviews with one primary family member. This abridged highlight book is a wonderful option for memorializing a loved one who has already passed. We will do all of the writing, up to three revisions, basic layout and editing for a 100-150 page book, with up to 125 scanned photos.  



Legacy Letters


This is your opportunity to impart your morals, values, and words of wisdom to loved ones. 

Legacy Letters provide a testimony of how you wish to be remembered and the traditions that you hope your family will carry on.  Your letter can be written as either a general statement to your entire family, or it can be written to a specific person which would then also include an expression of why you treasure that person and the depth of your love for them.  

Legacy Letters, up to 20 pages with 15 scanned photos, are published in-house and come with a personalized leatherette keepsake pouch.  

$1,500 each

Milestone Moments Books


Capture the milestone moments of your life and create a series of your memorable special occasions. Each soft-bound book will focus on one specific memorable event of your choice. 

Births, Baptisms, Confirmations, Quinceanera's, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary's, Retirements and so on.

These books make treasured one-of-a-kind gifts to present to your loved ones on these special occasions.  Your Milestone Moment collection can be built upon to create your Family Legacy Book.  Milestone Moments books can contain up to 20 pages with 15 scanned photos.

$1,500 each

Memories are heirlooms.

Give the gift of love. 

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A complimentary consultation is offered to discuss how we can craft a personalized legacy book to meet your unique vision and expectations.

Our services include: conducting interviews, transcribing the recordings, writing your story, editing all content, preparing the layout and liaising with the publisher.

Photo scanning and video digitization will be billed separately, at cost.

Families will order and pay for the hard-copy books separately, at cost, including printing and binding fees.  You may buy as many or as few as you wish.

Gift Certificates are available.

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Legacy Preservation Coaching


If you wish to write your legacy book yourself, but do not know where to start and often procrastinate - we offer our services as your personal Legacy Preservation Coach.  As your coach, we will help you develop a plan, timeline and organizational framework, discuss ideas and story development, guide you through writer’s block and offer encouragement and accountability to ensure that your book is brought to completion.  

For this service, we charge US$85 per hour and require a monthly retainer of US$680.  Monthly statements detailing our hours will be provided.



Keeping it Current



Remember, life goes on. 


Once your book is published, you will continue making memories and your family may grow. 


We encourage you to subscribe to our "Annual Legacy Updates" package.  For a small maintenance fee, we will meet once annually to glean new memories, share additional words of wisdom and add meaningful photos from the past year. 


The updates will be added to the digital copy of your heirloom book.