About the Founder


A Gifted Writer

Debby Mycroft is a seasoned writer on a mission to assist families with preserving their family legacies.

Using her gift as a writer, Debby will create your personalized heirloom book capturing the essence of your family. These books provide joy through all walks of life, especially alleviating the pain of loss during seasons of grief. They provide strength for your future generations.


A Word Choreographer

Debby’s writing experience extends from the corporate world where she prepared complex due diligence reports, to private schools, where she worked as a volunteer, producing newsletters, auction catalogs and other descriptive documentation. 

For over 20 years (14 spent living and working in Hong Kong), Debby conducted business intelligence research and analyzed large volumes of data to prepare concise due diligence reports. Debby became an expert at obtaining and reviewing pertinent facts then summarizing complex data into salient and well-organized informational reports.


She understands that it is not enough to simply gather the information; people have to understand it.  That’s where her analytical abilities and writing skills merge to produce clear and thorough narratives.


The Legacy Lady

Debby founded Memories Worth Telling, a boutique writing house producing personalized autobiographical books and family legacy letters.

Debby’s experience living overseas and interacting with many different cultures, coupled with a degree in Psychology, excellent writing skills, empathy, and perfectionism all come together in her vocation: preserving legacies. 

Her experience has allowed her to develop a system to efficiently gather an individual’s memories through carefully crafted interviews, extract the deeper meaning and tell their stories in a broader family context, capturing their ancestral lineage, cultural heritage, faith traditions, holiday celebrations and crazy unforgettable quirks.

When not lost in writing, Debby treasures time spent with her children (a 17-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter), her pets (4 cats and 3 dogs, all rescues, but with full pedigree names!), crafting (just about anything involving needles and yarn), and gardening (flowers, not foods).