The Process


Initial Consultation

To begin, you will enjoy a complimentary consultation with the Founder and Chief Word Choreographer of Memories Worth Telling, Debby Mycroft, to determine the scope of work and your final product expectations.  

During this meeting you will be guided to choose a legacy product suited to your wishes. 

All of our products are tailored  and personalized.  We do not use formulaic chapter or outline structures. Everyone’s life is unique and our products reflect that. We pride ourselves in offering this customized approach to creating meaningful heirlooms.   

Some common examples of how our products are tailored:


  • An in-depth biography of the patriarch of the family, including their legacy message.
  • A biography of an Aunt who led a life of adventure. 
  • A legacy letter written by someone with a terminal illness enabling them to share their values with specific loved ones. 
  • A dual-biography, for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so they can pass on their advice for a long marriage. 
  • An abridged collection of memories for a mid-life reflection of where you’ve been and where you want to go. 
  • An abridged memory collection comprised of various family members memories' of a loved one to capture the highlights of their life after they have passed.
  • Siblings wishing to share their childhood memories and convey how those translate into the adults they have become.   


Once the scope of work is determined, we will begin the interview process. Typically this focuses on one individual, but may also include additional family members and close friends depending on the defined scope of work.   

We use a structured process and in-depth questions to draw-out memories and values.   

We encourage families to provide pictures, videos and memorabilia, which can be digitized and included in the book.

Writing & Editing

With our interview notes and recordings, we will prepare an initial draft. In some cases, follow-up interviews are conducted. The rough draft is submitted to you to review for content accuracy.   

The final product is then edited and prepared for printing.   

Memories Worth Telling will provide you with 2-3 publishing options (all reflecting and in-line with maintaining our high-quality standards). You will select the binding and publisher of your choice, but Memories Worth Telling will coordinate all aspects of the publishing.  

Annual Updates Package

With your “final” product in-hand, we encourage you to remember that life continues. More memories will be made and perhaps your message for your heirs will change. Thus, we encourage you to subscribe to our annual updates package, because, life continues and more memories will be made. 

An annual subscription to this package will ensure your story is kept up to date.