The Multi-Generational Impact



As your loved ones age, it is natural for them to reflect back on their lives and wonder what impact they have had and what their legacy will be.  

Telling their life story is therapeutic for them and provides a platform for them to share their treasured memories and to express their words of advice, their aspirations for the family, their values and their love. 



When a single family member begins the biography process, the entire family takes the trip down memory lane with them.

Recording memories creates permanence and an environment of peace and contentment. 

Sharing stories helps to reinforce memories and the books can be used as an aid by care-givers when memories begin to fade.  



Family legacy books provide wisdom from the past which future generations can use as a road map.  

Through self-examination within the context of the family's guiding principals, your future heirs can learn more about their own personal core values and identities.  

This awareness will guide them towards intentional and purposeful living. 

Our Gift to You



Our vision is to preserve personal, family, and community identities.

In December 2014, my mother passed away after a 5-year battle against leukemia.  As I traversed the season of grief, I relied on my memories of her to guide me to a place of peace.  I knew that those memories would be forever mine, but there was also an acute awareness of lost family history.  As the matriarch of the family, my mother held memories of several past generations.   I have recollections of various family stories that she told, but the details are already fading with time.

In the death of a loved one, we grieve not only their loss, but also the loss of those who preceded them.  The loss is broader than an individual; over time family values, traditions and beliefs are lost.  

Memories Worth Telling works individually with families to preserve their unique legacies.



Our mission is to serve families by creating personalized and meaningful biographies from start to finish.

In today's busy world, few people have the time to record their loved ones' stories, extrapolate the meaning of the memories to reflect their values, write it all up into a cohesive biography and liaise with a publisher to produce the book.  

That's where Memories Worth Telling comes in.  You do the living.  We'll do the rest.

Capture Your Memories

1950's Photo Bomb


What was being celebrated when this 1950's photo-bomb was captured?

Enduring Love


What lessons can we learn from enduring love?



Who was the adventurer in your family?  



How do you use your pool?


Water skiing?



Your Family Is Unique


Holiday Celebrations


How did you celebrate holidays with your family through the years? 

What stayed the same? What changed?


The Goofballs


Where do you fit in?

The Dedicated


What have you learned from your relatives? 

The Crazy


What do you want to emulate?

Your Memories are Worth Telling!!


Live well.

Love deeply.

Learn continually.

Lead courageously.

Leave a Legacy.

You do the living. We'll do the writing.